Mattoverse QuadraMix Clear


The QuadraMix is a simple mono 4 channel audio mixer featuring a clear acrylic top plate with a walnut plywood base. The first two channels are buffered high-impedance inputs for use with guitar/bass and the 2nd two channels are unbuffered low impedance inputs for use with line output devices like synths, drum machines etc..

Each channel has a 1/4" mono jack and a volume knob.  All inputs feed to the master volume control which feeds the 3 mono output jacks.  There is one 1/4" mono output jack for outputting to your pedalboard, amp, or audio interface, and two headphone jacks for headphone monitoring.

The unit needs to be powered by a standard 9VDC center-pin-negative power supply (standard Boss style).  The power supply is not included with the unit.

 The dimensions are approximately 5.5" x 3.5" x 2.5"