Mattoverse was originally conceived as a container for a variety of current and past creative projects in one centralized location so I wouldn't have to maintain a dozen social media profiles etc..

The main creative thrust for the past 6-7 years has been learning about electronics and through that learning, designing and building noise generators, crude synthesizers, and guitar effects pedals.

Prior to the electronics exploration I played, wrote, and recorded music for over 20 years in a variety of musical projects.  Growing up in a very small town in Iowa I was fortunate to find 3 other like-minded individuals to start a band with.  The experiences I had in this first band inspired me for years afterward to continue to pursue music through a variety of solo and band projects, initially playing guitar, but eventually bass and drums as well.

My love of writing and playing music led to an interest in recording music. For years I enjoyed making solo recordings and attempting to record whatever my current band was, as well as recording local and regional artists in my basement.  But more than that it became an interest in sound itself, it's creation.  This fascination with sound was what drove me to want to learn more about how I could create things that would generate and manipulate sound.

Mattoverse Electronics is just one person attempting to make interesting objects that have a useful purpose.