The Mattoverse (my first name and the first letter of my last name combined with universe..) was originally conceived as a container for a variety of current and past creative projects in one centralized location in an effort to reduce the # of social media profiles etc.. I needed to maintain.

In the early 90's, my growing interest in the music I heard coming from my older brother's room combined with a postcard from a vacationing friend (thanks. Jason) suggesting - we should get guitars instead of playing GameBoy all day - led me to start playing guitar. This inspired many wonderful (and often painful..ha) years of writing, recording, and performing music in a variety of projects and capacities. 

One of my primary creative projects over the past 8 years has been Mattoverse Electronics where I began learning electronics as a means to explore my love of sound itself. Its generation and manipulation through the creation of crude synthesizers, noise making devices and effects pedals that hope to be interesting objects with a useful purpose.