Mattoverse QuadraMix Bare - Mini Mixer/Headphone Amp


The QuadraMix Bare is a simple mono 4 channel audio mixer/headphone amp.

Designed to be the most affordable QuadraMix, it is just the assembled circuit board.  You can use Bare as is or put together your own case/cover as it has for mounting holes on the PCB if needed.

The first two channels are buffered high-impedance inputs for use with guitar/bass and the 2nd two channels are unbuffered low impedance inputs for use with line output devices like synths, drum machines etc..

Each channel has a 1/4" mono jack and a volume knob.  All inputs feed to the master volume control which feeds the 3 mono output jacks.  There is one 1/4" mono output jack for outputting to your pedalboard, amp, or audio interface, and two headphone jacks for headphone monitoring. The output amplification is shared across the mono line output and the two headphone outputs, so total volume is reduced when all are use simultaneously.

The unit needs to be powered by a standard 9VDC center-pin-negative power supply (standard Boss style).  The power supply is not included with the unit.  DC power draw is dependent on how many outputs you are driving but should be around 100mA or less. 

The dimensions are approximately 5.5" x 3.5" x 2.5"

The QuadraMix in the example videos below is the previous Clear version with a walnut base and clear acrylic top plate, this version will no longer be made but the PCB for the QuadraMix Bare is functionally the same.