Mattoverse FloraVolt Mini


The FloraVolt Mini is a fruit/vegetable powered audio saturator. Play delicious potato powered diminished chords as you contemplate your produce powered future, or just spend the day ripping sick riffs thanks to that old banana you weren’t going to eat anyway.  Use an apple to sweetly saturate your synths and drum machines, or languish in the luscious tones of your lime powered legato leads. 

Move over tonewood... tonefruit is the next great tone debate.

The FloraVolt Mini is a simpler stripped down and more affordable version of the standard FloraVolt. It has no controls or switches, just an input and output jack, and does not require batteries or external power.  Just push the pegs into a fruit/vegetable to form a simple organic battery that powers the device.

It is housed in a durable 3D Printed PETG Enclosure measuring 4.2"x.1.2"x3.2"(with pegs)

Works well with a variety of apples, bananas, potatoes, and citrus fruits but is not guaranteed to work with every type of fruit/vegetable.