Mattoverse Electronics Inflection Point

Mattoverse Electronics Inflection Point


The brand new Inflection Point from Mattoverse Electronics is a powerful modulation effects pedal that works great with guitar, bass, or synths and is capable of producing a huge variety amplitude and pitch modulation effects.  Featuring 8 waveforms, onboard tap tempo, clock/sync input, resonant ambience (space) control, true bypass, and a toggle to choose between Tremolo or Vibrato mode. These features combined with dry/wet blend and output level controls allow you to dial in all manner of subtle or extreme modulation effects.

  • 8 User Selectable Waveforms including two Random settings
  • Onboard Tap Tempo & Clock/Sync CV Input (0-5V)
  • Space control to add resonant ambience
  • Pedalboard-friendly top-mounted jacks
  • True Bypass Wiring
  • Standard Center-Pin Negative 9VDC Power only (not included)
  • Enclosure Dimensions - 4.67" x 3.68" x 1.39"
  • 7 Day Return Policy


Speed Knob:  This controls the speed/rate of the tremolo/vibrato LFO, turn clockwise to increase the speed.  Note: This control will be overridden by the Speed tap switch and will also be overridden when an external clock/sync signal is used to set the speed of the LFO.

Depth Knob:  This controls the overall depth of the tremolo or vibrato and the setting is reflected in the brightness of the LED between the footswitches.  When the control is set at 0 (fully counter-clockwise) the LED will not illuminate.  This control be used to dial in a variety of subtle to extreme settings, especially when combined with the dry/wet control and output control settings.  Note:  You will likely need to make adjustments to the depth control based on which mode you are in, tremolo or vibrato, and also based on which waveform you are using.

Space Knob:  Turn this control clockwise to add some reverb to your sound, as you turn this knob clockwise it becomes more resonant, especially with higher settings on dry/wet control. This control can add ambience when in the tremolo or vibrato modes or even with the depth of the trem/vibrato set to 0.

Waveform Knob:  Use this knob to select between 8 LFO waveforms – ramp up, ramp down, pulse, sine, triangle, sweep, random pulse, and random slope.  Note: depending on which mode you are in tremolo or vibrato you way need to adjust the depth control depending on your waveform selection.

Mix Knob:  Turn clockwise to go from nearly 100% dry to 100% wet.  Note: In tremolo mode, this knob is used to determine the amount of space/pre-delay as the tremolo is modulating the dry signal.  In vibrato mode, this controls the balance between the dry and vibrato signals as well as the space setting.

Output Knob: This controls the overall output of the pedal.  With depth at 0 and the mix set all the way to dry the pedal should be at approximately unity gain with this knob set just above 0.  However, it can be used to increase the output by up to around 10db and provides a way to offset any volume loss you experience in tremolo or vibrato mode as well as additional gain for pushing your amp etc..

Input / Output Jacks: These are ¼” mono-jacks.  The output is the top left jack and the input is the top right jack.

Sync Input Jack:  This is an 1/8” jack between the input jack and the DC power jack.  This input accepts clock/sync signals from 0 to up to 20v and can be used to sync the LFO speed to your external source.  Note: When a sync/clock input signal is present at this jack, the speed control knob and speed tap tempo footswitch are overridden.

DC Power Jack: This pedal requires the standard Boss style center-pin negative 9volt DC power supply.  Use of incorrect voltage or polarity power supply will void your warranty and may damage the pedal. Current draw is approximately 50mA.

Speed Footswitch:  This is a momentary tap tempo switch that allows you to set the speed of the LFO, tapping a tempo with this footswitch will override the setting the speed control knob until the knob is turned again.

Bypass Footswitch: Use this switch to turn the pedal on or off.  When the pedal is bypassed it is 100% hardwired true-bypass.   Note: depending on the setting of your depth control, the depth LED will continue to pulsate even when the pedal is bypassed, this is to allow you to tap in a tempo with the speed footswitch even when the pedal is bypassed.