Mattoverse Double Gate Drone Synthesizer


The new Double Gate Drone Synth is an ode to the original version which was one of the first Mattoverse Electronics products, originally built in a variety of thrift store tins.  Over the years, I iterated on the idea a couple of times, adding new features, which were useful and worth exploring but inevitably drove the price up.  Last year I built one of the previous iterations for a local touring musician who wanted it for their noise sets and it reminded me that the most fun thing about the Double Gate Drone was back when it was an insane noise making machine that was not super refined but was capable of some truly unusual electronic beeps, boops, screeches, and screams.  This version is meant to be simple, affordable, and most importantly, fun to to use.

It is an output only drone synthesizer with two pitch and rate controllable oscillators.  There is a master volume control and a sync toggle switch which allows you to sync the gate of oscillator 2 to the rate of oscillator 1 for fun polyrhythms.  It also brings back the drain feature of the push button power switch of the original version which results in fun ascending pitches from each oscillator as the power drains (this was not possible with later versions whose functionality required IC's which needed constant power).

  • 1/4" Mono Audio Output
  • 9VDC - Center-Pin-Negative (standard Boss style). Not included
  • Enclosure Dimensions -  4.67" x 3.68" x 1.39"