Mattoverse Tiny Turntable Lite


The Tiny Turntable Lite is a simple handheld noise making device made out of a modified children’s hand-crank light toy that is not really a turntable in any way but is capable of producing sounds that are reminiscent of record scratching or zipper type sounds.

It does not require any battery or power source of any kind.  Simply plug it into your amp, effects pedals, or audio interface etc.., adjust the volume knob to taste, and turn the crank back and forth or in one direction to produce the sound.  Faster or quicker cranks will produce a higher pitched sound.  Turning the crank clockwise will also illuminate the light on top.

The enclosures themselves are made of a sturdy plastic, however, please be aware they often seem to have scrapes, scratches or scuffs right out of the box and there is not much I can do about that.  This is an output only device.