Mattoverse Electronics QuadraMix

Mattoverse Electronics QuadraMix


The QuadraMix from Mattoverse Electronics is a 4 input X 2 output mixer in a compact heavy-duty pedalboard friendly enclosure which can be used to feed multiple sources into a guitar/bass amplifier or as a headphone amplifier for quiet rehearsal.  Featuring 2 high-impedance inputs designed for guitar/bass and 2 low-impedance inputs designed for keyboards/synths/drum machines along with enough gain to overdrive either the inputs or outputs, this versatile utility box is sure to find multiple uses in the home studio and in live settings.

  • 4 - 1/4” mono inputs each with their own volume control
  • Master Volume control with 2 - 1/4” mono outputs
  • Compact heavy-duty pedalboard friendly enclosure
  • High quality offboard jacks from Neutrik and Switchcraft for improved reliability
  • Enclosure Dimensions4.67” x 3.68” x 1.39”

QuadraMix - Instructions

Outputs: There are two 1/4" Mono Outputs that are in parallel.  For use with stereo headphones plug the cord in fully.  To output into an amplifier or recording interface use a tip-ring-sleeve (TRS) cable or simply use a standard instrument cable but only plug it in until you feel it click once.

DC Power: Use a center-pin negative DC power supply only (standard BOSS style).  9V or 12V DC power supplies can be used. The total current draw will be dependent on the output level and what is being driven, headphones or amplifier. Use of an incorrect power supply will void your warranty and may damage the unit.

Inputs:  There are four 1/4" mono inputs numbered 1-4. Inputs 1 & 2 are high-impedance (HiZ) and will usually be the best choice for guitar, bass etc.. Inputs 3 &4  are low-impedance (LoZ) and will usually be the best choice for line level gear, keyboards, drum machines, synths etc.

Volume 1-4:  These set the input level of what is plugged into each input. There is more than unity gain available so distortion may occur at higher settings depending on your input source. All inputs feed into the Master Volume control in the center of the unit.

Master Volume:  All 4 mono-inputs are summed to the master volume knob and fed to the two outputs. To be able to drive a wide variety of headphone impedances the total output volume may be substantially more than necessary, start with your master volume low and increase from there. When outputting into a guitar or bass amplifier, start with the master volume around 20-25% and adjust input levels accordingly.  When plugged into an amplifier, higher Master Volume levels may result in distortion and increased noise. Yes, there is enough gain on tap to distort the inputs and overdrive an amp etc..