Mattoverse Electronics OctoStep

Mattoverse Electronics OctoStep


The OCTOSTEP is an 8 step square wave sequencer for your pedal board.  It is not a guitar/bass pedal in the traditional sense because it does not affect the sound of your guitar/bass (the instrument input runs through a unity gain buffer when engaged).  It can also be used by itself with no guitar or bass plugged into it.  Check out the video demo playlist below.

Beware.. the OCTOSTEP is not for everyone


  • Two step length options, 6 or 8 steps, selectable via toggle switch
  • Pitch control for each of the 8 steps - Pitch range is several octaves
  • Sequencer signal mix control
  • Rate Control - From slow to extremely fast
  • Pause / Reset the sequence via momentary footswitch, selectable via toggle switch
  • Shape (glide) effect for the sequence available via latching footswitch
  • True Bypass
  • Master Rate - Expression Pedal Input
  • Master Pitch - Expression Pedal Input
  • 9V DC Powered - Standard Center-Pin Negative DC Jack
  • Enclosure Dimension -  5.62” x 4.62” x 1.56"

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